Hot Wings is blah, blah, blah, awesome, blah, blah, pretty good for some girls, blah, blah, the boys are okay too.

No, no, no, but seriously, Hot Wings are the brainchild of stellar guitarist Lizzie Sedman (The Charlies, Telltale) a guitar goddess that has been hot and wingy for years!


With influences drawing far and wide from Les Paul, to Stevie Ray Vaughan, to The Break, to The Ventures,  Liz has carefully handpicked a band to bring her new surfy, swingy, guitar boogie sounds to life.


This flaming hot bucket of wings is made up of Melbourne’s finest musicians, Scott Cherry (The Charlies) is nothing but brilliance on the bass. A musician that stands out from the pack and draws on his many musical experiences and influences such as Carol Kaye, Kyuss and The Bob Cats to masterfully give Hot Wings the bass of a lifetime.


Backing Liz on guitar and shredding the bejesus out of his own fretboard is Rob McPherson (Garagee, Telltale) an undisputed master of many instruments, Rob’s musicality, finely tuned ear and fingers of fantasy are an incredible and integral part of the Hot Wings sauce.


The final feather in these wings that are HOT is Julia Watt (La Bastard, The Charlies, The Claremont Street Singers, Circus Oz). More used to drumsticks than wings, Julia has adapted her style and has brought her energy, humour and sweltering stick solos to this amazing melting pot of talent. 


Lizzie’s guitar genius grows each day, like a killer virus about to take over the world. Just when you think she couldn’t possibly get any better – she plays you a new song she’s written, recorded and played most of the instruments on. Some people call her a show off, whilst others just watch and listen in complete awe, jaws on the floor. 

If you’re feeling hot and wingy, check out our gigs page – we can’t wait to see you at a show!